All you have is today. You can’t change your “yesterdays” and your “tomorrows” aren’t promised; so what are you doing today?!

Today, I have a friend that is in a battle for her life. At 27, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing surgery to have a double mastectomy.

Today, a group of believers at my workplace gathered in a small office, joining hands, and praying aloud on behalf of our friend.

Today, we called on God to do what He does perfectly… comfort, protect, guide, and HEAL.

Today, I’m thankful for the heart God gave me towards others. I’m thankful that I have an understanding of what it means to put others before myself, to value those placed in my life, and to prioritize the things in life that truly matter.

Today, I choose not to stress over my job, my special projects, my home, my finances, or my unending “To-Do List.”

Today, is a day that I celebrate the loves in my life, the victories I’ve overcome, and the happiness that I’m responsible for keeping alive!

Today, I’m honored to honor my friend by dedicating this blog to her; acknowledging her strength, her compassion, her huge heart, and her love for God. I don’t take it lightly that our paths crossed and I’m happy to know her for the beautiful person she is. (There is no coincidence that my blog falls on the day of her surgery.)

Today, I set aside my issues and frustrations so that I can enjoy the simple things in life that we so often take for granted.

So I ask you, what are you doing today?

“If every decision is measured by what would be the best use of your time verses what would bring a smile to someone else’s face by investing that time into them, then it just may be time for a heart check. #itsnotallaboutyou” ~ Me




It’s Tuesday with Bianca


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