If “Faith” Took A Selfie, It Would Look Like This

In honor of my man of God, Pastor Michael A. Freeman, and his remarkable recovery and unshakable faith, I’m taking this Tuesday to share his testimony. In a time when our faith is being shaken by injustice and evil, let this serve as a reminder that God has the final say. When faced with challenges, no matter how dire the situation, keep your mind on the promise not the process. Evaluate the people you have in your circle now and remove all of those who you know would not stand with you in your darkest hour. It does matter who you call friend. It matters what church you attend. And it matters who you allow to speak over your life. Take inventory now.

I don’t have to write much today. No words can describe faith better than seeing real faith in action. So, I’ll let this video speak for itself. Keep the faith! Even if it’s all you have to stand on, it’s enough. My pastor is living proof.


4 thoughts on “If “Faith” Took A Selfie, It Would Look Like This

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  1. Reblogged this on The BOLD & The FABULOUS and commented:

    We can get so caught up on all the bad that’s going on in the world, that we lose sight of God. By no means am I suggesting that we turn a blind eye to the injustice we currently face. Just make sure God in clear view! Check out my latest post in honor of the man who taught me about faith as a child and continues to do so as an adult. Forever grateful. It’s Tuesdays with Bianca!

  2. SO weird that u posted this TODAY. I actually watched this video RANDOMLY this morning b/c iHad the time & saw it on 1 of my homie’s timeline. Very inspiring.

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