A Heart for Newtown

If there’s one thing about my blog posts, it’s that you’ll never know what angle I may take on any given week. Like the rest of America, the tragic shooting in Newtown CT struck me to the core. Today I found myself wondering the ages of the children I saw pass me by on the street and each time I would get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.


newtownI keep trying to make sense of a senseless act and find some semblance of a lesson in it all; but I come up blank every time. I’m tired of the political talk. I’m tired of the debates on gun control. I’m tired of the discussions on school security or lack there of. I don’t want to hear about how the ways of the world contribute to these heinous acts. I definitely don’t want to hear how my president’s stance on same-sex marriage relateS to the disasters we face. Anyone who can speak of such things in the midst of the turmoil that the parents, families, and community of Newtown are experiencing can not possibly have put themselves in their shoes. There’s no doubt that all the things above are important topics to debate but at a time such as this we should be focused on comforting each other and seeking God in all of this. We may never understand the reason behind these acts of violence. We may never have clarity, but what we all need to pull on is exactly what I discussed in my last post… simple humanity… which leads me to an interesting story.

Sometimes the most humane gestures and source of comfort don’t come from humans at all. We are so divided by religion, cultures, races, orientations, and political fluff that we often can never see the forest for the trees. Fortunately there are creatures that aren’t tied down by any of those associations. Most people know that I have a love of animals, in particular dogs. They are the best non-bias genuine companions, next to God, that we will ever experience. If you don’t agree, maybe this article/video will shed more light on what I’m talking about.


A Lutheran church rallied up 14 companion golden retrievers to assist in bringing peace to the Newtown community that has been rocked to the core by the killing of 20 children and 6 adults. The testaments from those that had a chance to interact with the dogs speaks volumes. In no way am I suggesting that they are the cure for all the hurt and pain, but if they only offer a moment of peace it’s a far cry from all the finger pointing and political/religious mumbo jumbo taking place. It’s just amazing to think that in our complex society, with all our differences and debates, the presence of God can be found through the love of a dog… can’t get more simple than that.

See full article at the link provided below : http://animaltracks.today.com/_news/2012/12/18/15993307-therapy-dogs-are-furry-counselors-for-newtown-community?lite




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